Vitamin C Supplementation Is Not The More The Merrier

Vitamin C Supplementation Is Not The More The Merrier

Vitamin C is popular with consumers for its antioxidant properties and free radical scavenging functions. Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued a warning that less vitamin C is not good, but more is not better. Ordinary people do not take vitamin C effervescent tablets and other products for a long period of time. Getting the vitamin C you need is the surest way.

Why Vitamin C Supplements? As a strong antioxidant and a cofactor in the hydroxylation process substrate and enzymes, vitamin C can promote the synthesis of skin cells and collagen and remove excess free radicals, making it useful in the field of beauty and antioxidants. - aging. It has a certain effect, makes the skin tightened and elastic and promotes wound healing.

In addition, vitamin C may increase the synthesis of neurotransmitters and help maintain normal learning and memory; it can also promote the production of antibodies, promote the absorption of essential nutrients such as iron, calcium and folic acid, and maintain the normal immune and physiological functions of the human body.

Vitamin C is very powerful, but more is not always better. The data show that the toxicity of vitamin C is very low and there are no side effects from long-term daily consumption of 1000 mg. However, when administered in large quantities, the daily amount exceeds 3000 mg and side effects such as diarrhea, gastrointestinal disturbances, increased secretion of oxalic acid and uric acid, and increased formation of kidney stones may occur.

In my country, the maximum recommended amount of vitamin C (UL) is 2000 mg per day. Because of the excellent taste of vitamin C effervescent tablets, some people take two or three tablets a day (usually 1000 mg of vitamin C effervescent tablets) while taking them, to which vitamins in vegetables and fruits are added. in your daily diet. C, the daily intake of vitamin C exceeds the maximum tolerated amount. In addition, a lot of sugar, sodium, flavors are added to vitamin C effervescent tablets, and excessive consumption of these ingredients also puts a strain on them.
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