Watermelon Is So Sweet Because Of Cyclamate?

Watermelon Is So Sweet Because Of Cyclamate?

It is rumored that in order to make the watermelon sweet and sell a good price, the melon farmers add cyclamate to the watermelon to increase the sweetness. is this real?Cyclamate is an international food additive and a non-nutritive sweetener. Its sweetness is 30-40 times that of sucrose, and its price is only 1/3 of that of sucrose. It is widely used in beverages, desserts, fruit juices and other food processing fields.

Cyclamate as a food sweetener can be ingested by humans in safe doses. But even if cyclamate can indeed increase the sweetness and the price is low, and it will not affect people's health within the specified range, melon farmers will still not put cyclamate into watermelon.

Previously, the market supervision departments of Hangzhou, Nantong, Zhenhai and other places have successively conducted experiments on the use of sodium cyclamate in watermelons. The experimental results show that the watermelons that have been treated with cyclamate will rot and deteriorate, and the rot at the eye of the needle is even more obvious.

From the perspective of watermelon transportation, sales and profit needs, in addition to time-consuming, labor-intensive and cost-increasing addition of cyclamate to watermelons, the watermelons will rot and deteriorate and cannot be sold, and will be punished by law enforcement agencies.
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