What are the characteristics of open packaging machine

What are the characteristics of open packaging machine

1、 High environmental protection performance, complete exhaust system, so as to reduce the dust generated in the packaging process.

2、 The packaging precision is high. There are two feeding methods: fast and slow. The speed is adjusted by imported Mitsubishi frequency conversion. The whole machine is controlled by PLC. The high-precision weighing sensor and quantitative control instrument imported from Japan are used. The instrument can be equipped with a standard interface, which can communicate with the central system and implement the monitoring of the packaging by the master control system.

3、 An arch breaking device is installed in the silo to loosen the materials before the spiral conveying, so that the materials are not easy to form an arch bridge.

4、 The bag opening adopts an environment-friendly rubber block bag clamping device, which can seal and clamp the bag opening, so that no dust will overflow during packaging.

5、 The supporting transportation sewing bag system can implement the whole working process (transportation, inner plastic bag sealing, folding, layering, sewing bag, stacking).

Generally, it is mainly used in quantitative packaging in medicine, chemical industry, pesticide, non-metal, coating, ceramics and other industries. Such as: ceramic powder, calcium carbonate, wettable powder, carbon black, rubber powder, food additives, pigments, dyes, zinc oxide, medical powder, etc.
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