What is the difference between gelatin capsules and vegetable capsules

What is the difference between gelatin capsules and vegetable capsules

1. Gelatin capsules and vegetable capsules do not contain the same ingredients
The main components of gelatin capsules are high-quality medicinal gelatin derived from collagen found in the skin, muscles and bones of the animal and partially hydrolysed from collagen contained in animal or corresponding epidermal fats, cellulose, the richest natural polymer in nature. HPMC is usually produced by etherification of light wool or wood pulp.

2. Gelatin capsules and vegetable capsules have different storage conditions

After several experiments with storage conditions, it is almost indestructible under low humidity conditions, the properties of the capsule shell at high temperature and humidity are still stable, and the properties of both types of vegetable capsules do not change under extreme storage conditions. Gelatin capsules adhere easily under high humidity conditions, become hard or brittle under low humidity conditions and are highly dependent on temperature, humidity and the packaging material of the storage medium.

3. The process for making gelatin capsules and vegetable capsules is different

When hydroxypropylene methylcellulose is added to the capsules, it still has its natural effect. The main component of the hollow capsule is protein, so it is easy for bacteria and microorganisms to grow. Preservatives should be added during the manufacturing process and ethylene oxide should be sterilized before filling the final product to ensure microbial control on the capsules.

4. Gelatin capsules and herbal capsules have different properties

Compared to traditional hollow gelatin capsules, the advantages of herbal capsules are wide compatibility, no risk of cross-linking and high stability, relatively stable medicine release rate, slightly different from each other, which are not absorbed into the human body after dissolution. and energy dissipation. It was removed from the body.

Demand for herbal capsules shows a rapid growth trend in the future. Although upper vegetable capsules cannot be replaced by traditional hollow capsules, herbal capsules have an advantage over the perceived competition from traditional Chinese medicine, organic production and food production in my country. Advantages such as lack of moisture. Due to the public's awareness of herbal capsules and the changing perception of public health both at home and abroad, the demand for herbal capsules is growing rapidly.
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