What Is The Ice Bock In The Cafe?

What Is The Ice Bock In The Cafe?

With the rapid pace of the coffee market over the past several years, some "eslang words" have gradually become popular in the coffee industry.

Some slang words are easy to understand, and you can read the words. For example, oatmeal, cream, adou (Arabica beans) and others should be replaced. But some “dark talk” is confusing when you first hear it or see it.

Beginning in 2020, the term "bing bokeh" began to reach the public with great rejoicing. Sounds complicated. If you separate yourself, you will know. If they appear together, none of the symptoms are predicted

So what exactly is an ice blog?

Simply put, pure milk is as pure as its name implies. After removing some of the water from the milk, not only is the nutrients doubled, but the mouth is also improved, increasing whiteness, and natural beauty. It tastes like drinking cheesy milk. Since Bingbok milk is obtained through refining, the ingredient is only raw milk, so it can be said that it tastes and meets the nutritional requirements.

When Beeru Foods launched its Bingbok brand in 2019, it immediately embraced a portion of the essential coffee and later joined several different brands of tea. The beverage industry has undoubtedly been the center of attention in recent years. Who doesn’t love sea salt cheese?

But why does the dairy brand have such a hard name? Its inspiration came from the myth of brewing beer in Europe. Legend has it that one day in the 19th century, a group of buffaloes were caught in a whirlwind of alcohol and ice. I thought it would be a big hit, but the brewer suddenly noticed that the fermented portion of the beer was strong and had a distinct taste. The story prompted Biru Foods to adopt its own refining process for manufacturing large quantities of pure milk, calling it pure milk Bingbo.

Perfect for ice buck stains because of its lightness and beauty. The combination of hot coffee and pure milk juice makes this drink amazing.

Thus, in addition to Molly, Bing Bokeh remains a concentrated beverage at the Boutique Café. The richness of pure milk will make milk coffee delicious and delicious. The famous chef, resourceful, even wrote "slang" for "changing ice bokeh." MuDNA. So the next time you go to a coffee shop, why not ask the barista if you can use milk on ice bokeh?
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