What Should I Do If The Hoarded Milk Powder Clumps?

What Should I Do If The Hoarded Milk Powder Clumps?

The recovery time of the epidemic reduced it to "vegetable harvesting" and "or harvesting". After a loud operation, "... can I eat?" There are so many types it's hard to say. appears in a group of friends.

With the arrival of summer, a new question arises in the Etibel series: milk powder is fortified, can you drink it?

The most common cause of inflammation in powdered milk is called "moisture". Milk powder is a very dry powder that absorbs water very easily. If the moisture is excessive and the milk powder packaging is damaged, it takes a long time to open or does not close, it can be easily moistened and condensed.

There are also some wet cities where “good intentions are not right”. For example, if you are worried about the breakdown of milk powder in the summer, store it in the refrigerator. Therefore, when it is always raised, the temperature change causes the inner wall of the milk powder container to condense.

Milk powder is clean and crisp, can be touched with a spoonful, used safely without disturbing the stomach and digestion, but it may not be very strong; amaktinnn.

However, if the cluster is very hard and requires strong shaking, it should not be used as it can lead to microbial contamination.

To prevent the milk shake from getting wet and sticky, you need to start with the following steps:

1. Before opening the powder milk, make sure that the surface is smooth, with flaws, cracks, tents, etc. may cause air leakage. If so, contact your dealer or manufacturer in a timely manner.

2. After opening the milk container, try to keep it in a cool, dry place. Also, do not put powdered milk in the refrigerator, it is open or unopened. It is not possible to "store" milk powder in the refrigerator, but it can "liquefy" it.

3. Close the milk container immediately. If the powder spoon is cleaned, wipe it and dry it before use. (Please do not throw a spoonful of milk powder into the milk and find a clean place to put it.)

Sometimes the packaging is open and freshly opened milk powder, but when you open it, it will be found a bit. When gently mixed with a spoon or stick, the milk melts.

This is called "pseudo-agglomeration". There are two common reasons. The second is the electrostatic property, due to the rubbing of the milk powder particles, due to vibration and collision during transport and storage. There was no movement on the shelf. Swallowing counterfeit condensed milk can be used easily and safely.

Of course, there is another reason why milk powder accumulates in the end - attracting small insects after opening the milk powder. This question has already been raised, so I will not elaborate on this. Click here if you are interested.

The "cake" state is in the process of making milk powder. However, such a "piece" is often not a contraction of milk powder, but an improper method.

The correct way to do this is to heat the water in a bottle up to 40 degrees, then to add milk powder in proportion, and then to shake the bottle, which solves the problem because it shakes well.
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