Why Can't The Hot Fire Cook The Meat?

Why Can't The Hot Fire Cook The Meat?

As the saying goes, “fast-cooked fish and slow-cooked meat” usually means that the fish needs to be cooked over high heat during cooking and use a low heat until the meat is cooked slowly. Life experience also suggests that if the meat is very hot during cooking, it will harden easily, but if the pan is covered and cooked over low heat, the meat will be empty and elastic and can remain nutritious. mat. Usain. So what is the scientific basis for this?

We know that the boiling point of water is 100 ºC, and if it reaches the boiling point, even if the temperature is high, the boiling point will not rise. When boiling water, a lot of water vapor is formed, so the amount of water gradually decreases. When the water chamber is at room temperature, the bond between the water molecules becomes relatively tight, and they are not easy to release alone. When water is in a state of boiling, too much heat disrupts energy between molecules, some water molecules help release chains of surrounding water molecules, and water in liquid water evaporates. In the case of continuous boiling, the amount of water evaporation will increase until the residue disappears.

Meat preparation is a process in which water or soup is used as a means of heat transfer, and as a result of constant accumulation of liquid raw materials are heated and dried. Convection depends on the rate of heat transfer of the fluid from top to bottom. In fact changes in the quality of meat during cooking are also related to water temperature and cooking time. If you open the lid during cooking, water vapor is released into the air and the water temperature does not exceed 100 ° C. Even if the temperature rises, the water temperature does not rise, so boil the meat in a bowl is not easy. When the lid of the pan closes during cooking, the water vapor in the pan closes constantly to increase the pressure, which will keep the gas pressure in the pan at a high level. Under this pressure it is not easy to separate the water molecules in the soup from the water, but more heat is required to evaporate the water. Thus, when closing the soup, the temperature rises and the cooking time of the meat decreases. And if the meat is cooked over low heat, the noodles, covered with a layer of oil, will not move, so the heat in the soup is easily lost, and the meat is easier to boil.

Animal and chicken meats are mostly muscle tissues rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and many other nutrients. It will be difficult, and due to too much heat the vitamins and minerals in the meat will be destroyed and the nutritional value will be greatly reduced. Cooking at a higher temperature will accelerate the instability of the smell in the heat and make food irritating. The correct way to cook is to heat water in a pan, then add pieces of meat, boil the chops over high heat, and then turn them into a multicooker that will get sweet and nutritious meat. Keep going

Of course, if the method of frying is used to prepare a small piece of meat, the fires should be quickly fried at high temperature so that the meat protein does not overheat and quickly loses moisture. It acquires an old scent and does not break down

"Warmth" is a word that is often spoken in Chinese food culture, as well as a very common word. Controlling “heat” will also affect cooked food through the rules of cooking “slow fish and meat” to control “heat” in Chinese food culture.
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