Why Can't You Eat Sweets For A Cough?

Why Can't You Eat Sweets For A Cough?

If the child vomits, the TCM doctor will tell the parents after the consultation that the child should not eat sweets. Snacks here include desserts, fizzy drinks, candies, ice cream, cakes and more. And even a little sweet fruit. How did this happen? Liao Yongzhou, Deputy Chief Physician of the Department of Pediatrics at Guangzhou University’s First Associated Chinese Medicine Hospital, will answer readers ’questions today.

Reason 1: Too much sugar can irritate your nose. Too much sugar in candy. Too much sugar can irritate our throats, intensify coughs and affect children's diet, sleep and activities.

Reason number two: sweets are bad for diarrhea. Cough is often accompanied by vomiting. The bladder is a source of itching. Sweets easily clog the stomach and intestines, which interferes with the ability of the stomach and intestines to transport and metabolize stool. The effluent condenses into the sludge and the sludge accumulates in the membrane, causing the sludge to mix. airways, delayed healing and in children with limited cough capacity, there may be a dangerous tendency for mucus to clog the airways and cause suffocation.

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The previous two points also explain why some children's coughs get worse after taking certain cough and sinus medications. Because children can hardly take medication to taste good, there are often medications that will relieve cough and reduce snoring in pill form. Therefore, during a baby's cough, we advise that the diet be simple and sweet or not eat food at all, which helps a lot with a baby's cough.
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