Why Don't You Drink Realgar Wine On The Dragon Boat Festival Now?

Why Don't You Drink Realgar Wine On The Dragon Boat Festival Now?

The fifth day of the fifth month is the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Duyan Festival, the May Festival and the Chongwu Festival. His birth history is a different theory of Quan Yuan memory, the theory of memory Wu Jixu, the theory of the festival of the daughter branch of Kao, the theory of resistance to the evil moon and the evil day and others. However, according to a recent study by a famous poet born in my hometown, Wen Yiduo, Wu, south of the Yangtze River, uses the ancient Dragon Village as social entertainment as a totem pole.

In ancient times, the Dragon Boat Festival was the most common in memory of the patriotic poet Kua Yuan. In the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Liang Ren Jontong's Jing Chu Sui Shi Ji says the incident happened on the fifth day of the fifth month and that Quan Yuan threw himself into the mill and injured himself ... and was wounded. "The rescue team was not called in for him," he told the Associated Press. The Quu Harmony Continues record also reads: "On the fifth day of the month, Quan Yuan threw himself into the Miluo River and the lime people cried. Every day they used rice in bamboo tubes. Throw them in the water. I. Quan Yuan used bamboo tubes to stop eating Body. From time to time he competed in dragon boats and ate jonji at the dragon boat festival.

People drank real wine at the Dragon Boat Festival, as well as ate Dragon Boat The Race Dakud and Rice Puranas. Real wine is a type of wine that is crushed into a fine realgar powder, cut the dried roots of kalama and soaked together in white wine or rice wine. At the Dragon Boat Festival, every house drinks real wine. For example, "Jiatai Kuaji Ji", written for Sisu's song, is recorded, "Stay at Tea Wool at Dragon Boat Festival and grind real drinking wine". Men and women at home also cannot drink, put real alcohol on their lips or drink.

For babies, adults paint a "king" (commonly known as a "tiger's head") under the baby's nose, behind the ears and at the real mother's feet, dipping a finger or brushing her feet. Sprinkle extra wine on the baby's forehead and corner bed. Duyan's poem, written by the poet Zhu Jiang from "May 4", "Today real wine is drunk and all families, young and old, try it. The word" king "is depicted.

Why do you drink so much at the Dragon Boat Festival? This is because the ancients thought it was a bad month. "A month passed (May), Yin and Yang had an argument and the blood and Qi were cut off," said Qi Yun of the Eastern Han Dynasty. "On the fifth day of the fifth month, the beginning of summer and spring changes. The temperature of the earth rises and fills the humidity. It is high. The most common activity is the time when infectious diseases spread. "|

Real wine, also known as cocktail stone, is produced mainly in Gansu, Hunan, Yunnan, Sichuan and other places. Real estate agents are a chemical of arsenic sulfide from the point of view of modern medicine. While its external use can cure scabies, scabies, snake bites and oral hygiene, it can cure epilepsy, wounds, etc., as the tricyclic heat of arsenic destroys arsenic, which we call arsenic. When arsenic enters the human body, it can easily accumulate in various parts of the body, causing acute or chronic toxicity to the nervous system, digestive system and respiratory tract, leading to cancer. Eating 20 grams of real food is reported to be fatal; Even small amounts can cause liver damage. That is why we will no longer drink real wine after the Dragon Boat Festival
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