Why Is Spicy Noodles So Delicious?

Why Is Spicy Noodles So Delicious?

1. Oil. No matter what kind of packaging, what shape, or which manufacturer's spicy strips, there is always a lot of oil, and the more oil, the more fragrant it tastes. This oil smells very fragrant, which is a bit like rapeseed oil eaten in rural areas. A lot of 50 cents a pack or 2 yuan 5 yuan a pack of that kind of spicy sticks look particularly clear oil. So I'm also curious what vegetable oil this oil is, don't ask me why it must be vegetable oil!

2. Hardness.

Whether it's palm-sized chunks of spicy strips (automatically ignoring my words) or real spicy strips the length and size of chopsticks. It must have a certain degree of hardness. It is strongly recommended that you do not try the soft one. Personally, I feel that the harder it is, the better.

3. How to eat. When I was a child, the spicy strips were mainly cylindrical "spicy pillars" with the length and thickness of chopsticks, which can be put directly in the mouth. There are palm-wide and one-third-long "spicy slices" at the back. This must be hard, oily, and it's so exciting! ! ! There is also a kind of spicy strips that are a little thinner than the water pen core, which is to be delivered one by one in the mouth of the net. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

4. Seasoning.

Spicy sticks are generally made of soybeans, and they are sprinkled all over the top. More correctly, it should be said to be piled with all kinds of cumin, salt, and all kinds of unfamiliar seasonings. Before eating, I would shake hard to shake off the above seasonings, in order to avoid a lot of watering at night.

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