Working principle of air flow packaging machine

Working principle of air flow packaging machine

Three operation modes can be configured for filling valve pocket according to weight:

1) Manual bagging and withdrawing; 2) Manual bagging and automatic bag withdrawing; 3) Full automatic bagging and bag withdrawing scheme

The packing machine can be fed through a hopper, silo or mixer with materials on the top

When the top hopper successfully feeds the loading bin of GZM air flow packaging machine, the packaging cycle begins

Low pressure air acts on the fluidized bed at the bottom of the charging bin, and the filling starts when the outlet control valve is opened

According to the principle of pressure difference, GZM packing machine fills the valve pocket with 6-8 bags per minute (conventional)

The weight is controlled by electronic weighing and PLC programmable controller. The filling process adopts the method of fast feeding first and then slow feeding to improve the measurement accuracy

The automatic bag withdrawing machine will automatically push out the packaging bag after filling.

When a new packaging bag is put on the discharge nozzle, the equipment will automatically repeat filling, bag withdrawal and other actions.
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