16-Channel Automatic Electronic Counting Machine

Main purpose and features
1. Good compatibility
It can count and bottle solid preparations or solid particles such as tablets (including special-shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent and opaque), and pills.
2. Prevent medicine blocking
The special structure of the leaking mouth can prevent the medicine from being blocked, and the medicine bottle with a small mouth can be filled quickly. (Optional) 3. The material is not damaged
The feeding and discharging are uniform and stable, and the unique patented bottle-separating switching structure does not damage the materials and ensures accurate bottling.
4. Detection function
It has a number of detection and alarm control functions such as no bottle without counting, automatic removal of abnormal medicine bottles or certain size particles, and fault self-inspection.
Anti-high dust, using the company's original anti-high dust photoelectric sensor technology, it can work stably even in the case of high dust.
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