345/5000 NJP-200 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

345/5000 NJP-200 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-200 full-automatic capsule filling machine is an updated product of the eliminated semi-automatic capsule filling machine. This equipment is most suitable for hospitals, medical research institutes, laboratories, colleges, small pharmaceutical factories and health care factories. It is well received by customers. favor.

Features and Innovations:

1. The equipment is small in size, low in energy consumption, easy to operate and easy to clean.

2. Product standardization, equipment parts can be universally interchanged, and mold replacement is convenient and accurate.

3. The design of the lower cam is used to increase the pressure of the atomized oil pump, keep the lubrication in the cam groove, reduce wear and prolong the service life of parts.

4. Adopt high-precision indexer, small vibration, working noise lower than 80DB, use vacuum positioning mechanism to make the capsule loading rate reach more than 99.9%.

5. Using the lower plane of the dosage plate as the benchmark, three-dimensional adjustment, uniform gap, effectively ensuring the difference in loading, and very convenient for cleaning.

6. Man-machine interface, fully functional. When there is a lack of material or capsules or a failure in the material channel, it will automatically alarm, automatically stop, and display the real-time measurement of each grain and the cumulative output.

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