Advantages of ZP579 New Heightened Rotary Tablet Press Compared with Old Models

Advantages of ZP579 New Heightened Rotary Tablet Press Compared with Old Models

The new heightened 9D has a higher body, turbo drive, no belt, greater pressure and better appearance. The machine is equipped with a dust-proof cover. The equipment comes with a set of round molds. Other molds can be customized and replaced. The conventional molds are 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and other round or special-shaped. This machine is a single-press automatic rotary tablet-pressing machine that presses granular raw materials into tablets. It is mainly used for tablet production of various powder granules, and is suitable for chemical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors. The outer casing is fully enclosed, and the material is made of stainless steel, and the inner table is made of stainless steel. The surface of the turntable is specially treated to keep the surface gloss and prevent cross-contamination. The doors and windows are equipped with transparent glass, which can clearly observe the state of the tablet, and can be fully opened, which is easy for internal cleaning and maintenance. All controls and operating parts are logically arranged. The frequency conversion speed regulating device is used for electrical speed regulation, which is convenient to operate, stable in rotation, safe and accurate. All transmission devices are arranged inside the machine to keep the parts clean.

The ZP579 new model high-speed rotary tablet press boasts several advantages over its predecessor.

Firstly, the ZP579 features an improved feeding system, which allows for a more stable and efficient tablet production process. The new feeding system reduces the likelihood of tablet weight variation, thereby improving the accuracy and consistency of tablet production.

Secondly, the ZP579 incorporates a more advanced control system that enables greater precision in tablet production. This control system includes new sensors and software that monitor and adjust tablet production parameters in real-time, resulting in higher quality tablets with reduced wastage.

Thirdly, the ZP579 is equipped with a more durable compression system, which ensures a longer lifespan and greater reliability. This means that the machine requires less maintenance and downtime, leading to increased production efficiency and cost savings.

Finally, the ZP579 boasts a more user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, making it easier for operators to operate and monitor the machine. This feature enhances safety and reduces the likelihood of errors during operation.

In summary, the ZP579 new model high-speed rotary tablet press offers significant advantages over the older model, including improved feeding and control systems, a more durable compression system, and a more user-friendly interface. These features combine to deliver higher quality tablets, increased efficiency, and cost savings for manufacturers.

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