Automatic Powder Packing Machine

Apr 24 2023 Tags: Efficient and precise, high speed

A fully automatic powder and granule packaging machine is a type of equipment that is used to efficiently package various types of powdered and granular materials. This machine uses advanced technology to automatically fill, seal, and label packages with high precision and speed.

The machine is designed to handle a wide range of materials, such as flour, sugar, spices, salt, coffee, and other powders and granules. It is also highly customizable, allowing for the adjustment of package sizes and shapes to suit the specific needs of different products and customers.

Brief description of product features
1. The computer control system is adopted to automatically measure the length of the packaging film and automatically remember the last packaging parameters
2. Intelligent fault diagnosis, operation interface with menu drawing, can cut the package accurately in two bags
3. Fully automatic measurement, filling and bag making, date printing to product output is completed at one time, using intelligent temperature controller

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