FY-15/24/30 Manual Hydraulic Tablet Press

FY-15/24/30 Manual Hydraulic Tablet Press

Product Description:

FY manual tablet press is widely used in new materials, superconducting, powder ceramics, new power supplies, building materials and other fields. It can be used in conjunction with calcium-iron analysis, infrared spectroscopy (IR), X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis instruments, with specific molds It can be pressed into various sheets, columns, special-shaped bodies, assemblies, etc. for scientific research. It is widely used, easy to use, convenient and reliable.

Structural Features:

The F15 press features a sturdy and durable construction with a compact tabletop design. The main body of the press is made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring excellent resistance to corrosion and wear. The press also includes a heavy-duty handle for applying pressure to the material.

The F15 press is equipped with a precision gauge that allows you to monitor the pressure applied during the pressing process. This ensures consistent results and helps to prevent over-pressing or under-pressing of the material. Additionally, the press features adjustable pressure settings, allowing you to customize the amount of pressure applied to the material based on your specific needs.

The F15 press also includes a removable pressing plate, making it easy to load and unload material. The pressing plate is made of food-grade materials, ensuring that it is safe for use with edible materials.

Overall, the F15 manual tabletop press is a reliable and easy-to-use machine that is ideal for anyone looking to press herbs, flowers, or other botanicals for extraction purposes. Its sturdy construction and precise pressure control make it a great choice for both personal and commercial use.
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