HSZP Stainless Steel Rotary Tablet Press Features

HSZP Stainless Steel Rotary Tablet Press Features

The machine has a high pressure and a pre-pressing device is installed at the same time, which prolongs the pressing time and makes the tablet quality more in line with the requirements. The turntable has high speed, double-sided tablet pressing, and the highest output reaches 300,000 tablets per hour, which meets the requirements of mass production in pharmaceutical factories.

A pressure sensor is installed on the upper pressure wheel, and the average working pressure of the tablet can be accurately displayed through the amplifier and the display screen; at the same time, the maximum working pressure can be set. When the working pressure exceeds the set value, the machine will automatically stop in an emergency to play a protective role.

The main pressure, pre-compression and filling adjustment part adopts displacement sensors. Through the adjustment of the 6 front handwheels, the main compression tablet thickness, pre-compression tablet thickness and filling depth can be clearly displayed on the display screen, which is convenient for timely adjustment of tablets. thickness and weight.

The lubricating part of the equipment adopts an automatic lubricating system such as an electric lubricating pump and metering parts to supply oil to the parts with relative frictional movement such as the upper and lower guide rails, pressure rollers, punches and turntable holes, and can be timely displayed on the touch screen according to actual work needs. Adjust the frequency and time of lubrication to obtain the best lubrication effect, reduce noise and prolong the life of parts.

The control part adopts a programmable controller, and the operation panel uses a color touch display screen, which is convenient and auspicious. The display screen is used as the user's operation interface, which can display the main technical data, average pressure, filling volume, main pre-pressing tablet thickness, etc.; set the number of operating signs such as the rotating speed of the turntable, the maximum working pressure, lubrication frequency and time, etc. Control signs; It can quickly locate the fault point, display the cause of the fault and the troubleshooting method, and improve the maintenance efficiency.

Mechanical parts: material (material history of main related parts):
The copper track material is cast with a special formula of a military enterprise, which improves the wear resistance.
The upper cover, turntable, track seat, track disc, and main body are casted with unique Japanese technology by a wholly-owned Japanese company. Through the analysis of metallographic experiments, the internal molecular structure of the material is uniform, compact, free of bubbles, trachoma and cracks, the internal pressure is reliable, and the surface of the casting body is flat and smooth. The main shaft adopts forging parts of special grade, with small deformation and good rigidity.

Processing technology of mechanical parts:
The main parts such as the copper track, the upper cover, the turntable, the track seat, the track seat, and the main body are all processed by a precision machine tool (machining center), with high dimensional accuracy

Improvement of the structure of the pressure roller and the pressure roller frame:
The press wheel frame structure of this machine has changed the lever type (or shoulder pole type) form commonly used in tablet presses at present, and adopts a column type structure, which has the advantages of concentrated pressure points, high pressure, less noise and small volume.
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