Performance characteristics of DP80130 small blister machine

Performance characteristics of DP80130 small blister machine

The DP80130 Mini Pharmaceutical Food Tablet Press Bubble Cover Machine is a versatile and efficient piece of equipment used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Its performance characteristics include:

1. A new type of high-power transmission mechanism is adopted, and the main transmission shaft is driven by the chain, which eliminates the error and noise of other gear transmissions.

2. The electric appliance adopts the imported control system, so it can be equipped with a material shortage and leakage filling device and a grain shortage detection and rejection device according to the customer's requirements.

3. The whole machine adopts segmental combination: PVC forming, feeding, heat sealing is a segment, and tropical aluminum cold forming, heat sealing, punching is a segment for split packaging.

4. Adopt photoelectric control system, automatic feeding of PVC, PTP, duralumin packaging, and automatic punching and cutting device of waste edge to ensure the synchronization stability of ultra-long distance and multi-station.

5. It can be equipped with a photoelectric detection and correction device, imported stepping motor traction, graphic and text-to-plate printing and packaging, and optimizes the quality of the packaging.

6. This machine is suitable for: capsules, plain tablets, sugar-coated, capsules, injections, special-shaped, etc., as well as medical devices, light food, electronic components blister sealed packaging.

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