Precautions For Manual Tablet Press

Apr 20 2023 Tags: Household


1. The required material is powder. It is difficult to form a simple powder without viscosity and humidity. It needs to be sprayed with cold boiled water or honey water or added with some maltodextrin for a better effect. (Excipients will not change the properties of the drug, and will be added in the production process of large pharmaceutical companies)

2. The finished tablet is stained with the mold, which means that there is too much water and more powder is needed. The tablets made are loose and shapeless, which means that there is less water, and it needs to be sprayed with water once or twice. Please handle the freshly made tablets with care, because they are easy to disperse.

3. The formed tablets need to be exposed to the sun for 3-4 hours before they become dry and hard. Let it dry overnight without the sun. Let it dry before storing.

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