The difference between DP-60A and DP-60B tablet press

The difference between DP-60A and DP-60B tablet press

DP-60 electric single-punch tablet press machine is an experimental tablet press machine suitable for laboratories of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and metallurgical enterprises. It can press various types of powdery and granular raw materials into round tablets or special-shaped tablets.

DP-60A and DP-60B are two types of tablet presses commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. The main differences between these two machines are as follows:

Design and construction: DP-60A and DP-60B have different designs and construction. DP-60A has a single punch design, while DP-60B has a double punch design. DP-60A has a fixed turret with 8 stations, while DP-60B has a rotating turret with 10 stations.

Production capacity: DP-60A has a production capacity of 4800 tablets per hour, while DP-60B has a higher production capacity of 6000 tablets per hour due to its larger number of stations.

Control system: DP-60B has a more advanced control system compared to DP-60A. DP-60B has a touch screen interface that allows the operator to control various parameters such as tablet weight, thickness, and hardness.

Safety features: DP-60B has more safety features than DP-60A. DP-60B has an automatic shut-off feature that stops the machine when an error is detected. It also has an interlock system that prevents the machine from operating if the safety guards are not properly closed.

In summary, DP-60B has a higher production capacity, more advanced control system, and better safety features than DP-60A. However, DP-60A may be suitable for small-scale production due to its simpler design and lower cost.

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