The difference between Syh400 and Syh600 granular powder vertical 3D drum powder mixer

Mar 28 2023 Tags: Efficient and precise

The SYH400 and SYH600 vertical 3D rotary drum powder mixers are two popular powder mixing machines. While both mixers are designed to blend powders effectively, there are some key differences between the SYH400 and SYH600 models.

Firstly, the SYH400 model has a smaller drum size compared to the SYH600 model. The SYH400 has a drum volume of 400 liters, while the SYH600 has a larger drum volume of 600 liters. This means that the SYH600 can hold a larger volume of powder for mixing, which may be necessary for certain applications where a higher volume of powder is required.

Secondly, the SYH600 has a higher mixing speed compared to the SYH400 model. The SYH600 can rotate at a maximum speed of 15 revolutions per minute (RPM), while the SYH400 can rotate at a maximum speed of 11 RPM. This higher speed of the SYH600 may result in a more efficient mixing process, especially for powders that require a longer mixing time.

Thirdly, the SYH600 model is equipped with a more advanced control system compared to the SYH400 model. The SYH600 has a touch screen control panel that allows for more precise control over the mixing process, including the ability to adjust the mixing time, speed, and other parameters. The control panel of the SYH400 is more basic and does not offer the same level of precision control.

Lastly, the SYH600 model has a larger overall size compared to the SYH400 model. This may be a consideration for users who have limited space for the mixer. However, the larger size of the SYH600 also means that it may be more stable during the mixing process, especially when working with larger volumes of powder.

In conclusion, both the SYH400 and SYH600 vertical 3D rotary drum powder mixers are effective machines for blending powders. The choice between the two models will depend on the specific needs of the user, including the volume of powder to be mixed, the desired mixing speed, the level of precision control required, and the available space for the mixer.

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