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Automatic Pad Printing Machine

Automatic Pad Printing Machine

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Automatic pad printing machine

This double color left and right shuttle automatic pad printing machine is oil discstructure, simple operation, favored by users of various industries, used in plastic, hardware, electronics, gifts, toys and other industries of products on the surface of LOGO, character, pattern printing.

Main Features:
1. The microcomputer controls the functions and actions, and the operation is simple and convenient.
2. The oil roller is easy to remove and clean.
3. The machine architecture is made of high quality aluminum alloy and is light and solid.
4. The independent glue on the head of the trip and speed adjustment.
5. The automatic balance scraper, scraping ink cleanly.
6. This double color automatic pad printing machine can once able to complete a single product twice matching color models, shuttle work bench tinted accurate, don't you go a save operation process and increase work efficiency. 

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