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Automatic Pallet Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

Automatic Pallet Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

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Automatic Pallet Stretch Film Wrapping Machine,Self-Propelled Movable Vertical Wrapping Machine


1. Automatic walking pre-stretch wrapping operation, it can work continuously for 8 hours.
2. The control system is controlled by the PLC system to drive the motor to control the movement of the mechanical transmission mechanism to achieve stepless speed regulation. The system is stable and reliable, and the equipment is easy to use and maintain.
3, It can automatically detect the height of the outer packaging, the number of equipment packaging, etc., can be preset to
different packaging modes to meet the different packaging requirements of different types of packaging.

Model SW-1600
Charge power 220V/50HZ,10A
Single charge time 8~10 Hours
Moving speed 80M/Min
Minimum packing weight 50KG/110LB
Maximum packing height 2400MM/94.5"
Max external diameter Φ220MM/Φ8.7"
Internal diameter Φ75MM/Φ3"
Film roll height 500MM/19.7"
Applicable film thickness 20 -25µm
Machine Size 161*126*279CM/63.4*49.6*109.8"
Weight 450KG/992LB
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