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Automatic Tablet and Capsule Counter

Automatic Tablet and Capsule Counter

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The Counter provides the pharmacist with an efficient and reliable method of accurately counting tablets or capsules. The Counter has been engineered to be reliable, easy to maintain, and will deliver accurate quantities of 99.9% of the solid pharmaceuticals handled.


1. It can spot a variety of shapes of tablets and capsules, the maximum speed can reach 500 per minute (or two)
2. Points accuracy rate of up to 95%
3. the cleaning and maintenance of the product is simple and convenient
4. drugs and people do not make contact
5. small size, suitable for all kinds of workspace
6. equipped with a funnel box drawers, can be directly bottling or packaging

Working model: here are three working models

Single Mode (SGL) single-dose mode
Simply enter the required number of tablets or capsules will automatically fall to the upper point of a good kit device. When the cartridge is removed, the remaining agents automatically fall into the lower kits for re-bottling storage.

Multiple Mode (Multi) Multi-dose modes
The need to set the amount of the drug division in multiple boxes or multiple bottles, this approach is very efficient. Simply enter the number you want to count, and medicines will automatically start points. After reaching the set amount, the device will automatically stop, and wait for the next inventory.

Inventory Mode (INV) Inventory Model
It can help you to effectively conduct an inventory of the stock of drugs.

Machine parameters

Voltage: 220V/110V
Power (W): 100W
Production capacity: 500 per minute
Weight: 8.5KG

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