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Blister Sealing Machine

Blister Sealing Machine

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Blister sealing machine

blister paper card packing sealing machine Application:      

1. Blister and paper card packaging      

2. Screw packaging products      

3. Hardware, stationery, auto and motorcycle accessories      

4.Toy packaging, electronics packaging, etc. 

Machine Feature:

1, Easy to operate our PE blister sealing machine: only need choose the prolong time, heating time, cool- down time and transform the grade of heating current, spin the working plate with hand, then the prolong time system, heating system and cool system will be automatically operate, finish all the sealing process.

2, This working plate has three working position, with speedy packing and high efficiency.

3, Mould only suit for local sealing of the edge of blister and card, do not affect the packing, the blister and card can be clean and beautiful.

4, Machine body structure is strong, reliable and durable. 

Blister sealing machine

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