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Blister Sealing Machine

Blister Sealing Machine

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High Frequency Blister Sealing Machine


Used for APET,PETG,PVC,PET, etc material usage of double blister sealing, blister paper card packing, toothbrush packing, with EVA cloth leather, leather, PU material welding and fusing, also be used in PVC, APET, PETG, PP sheet of soft crease box production line. 



1. Using vacuum tubes, the output power is stable and reliable.

2. Sensitive spark over-current protection circuit, which can effectively cut off due to damage to host large current output, suppress sparks.

3. Has a frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding devices, the high-frequency interference to a minimum.

4. Infinitely adjustable head trip, special mechanical pedal mechanism maximum pressure up to 400kgs.

5. According processing needs, choose pneumatic pressure way to reduce the intensity of work, enhance the quality of voltage products.

6. Stepless temperature heating system, make work more efficient.

7. The four type horizontal adjustment, easy adjustable die to save time.

8. Automatic over-current protection system, increase the service life of vacuum tubes, protect the mould.

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