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Bottle Sealing Machine

Bottle Sealing Machine

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Electromagnetic Induction Sealing Machine

The electromagnetic induction sealing machine is utilizes electro magnetic induction principle to produce instant high heat to melt aluminum foil. Then it adheres to the bung hole, reaching the aim of wet-proof, leakage-proof, mildew-proof and extending preservation time. Now it is widely used as sealing package machine in industries such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, pesticides, lubricant and cosmetics etc.

Working principle: The host transmits the super-audio current to the sensor head, and the aluminum foil at the bottle mouth under the sensor head is electromagnetically induced to generate a super-audio current, causing it to reach a high temperature instantaneously, so that the composite film on the aluminum foil is melted and bonded to the bottle mouth.

The Electromagnetic induction sealing machine can work with seals of various materials for bottles or jars.Suitable for plastic bottles (PP, PVC, PET, ABS, HDPE, PS, DURACON) glass bottles.

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