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Bar with refrigerated bubble tea

Bar with refrigerated bubble tea

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Bubble tea bar milk tea bar counter,Explosive Combination Set,Save you the time to buy other machines,Take a set and use it right away.See here for details.

2.High-pressure shower faucet

Bubble tea bar milk tea bar counter,The function of the high-pressure shower is to wash cups and containers quickly and movably, which is faster and more flexible than a cup washer.Bubble milk tea shop console with refrigeration and milk tea making 

 3.Refrigeration/freezing function 

Bubble tea bar milk tea bar counter,Customize the operating table to have a refrigeration/freezing function, so that it is convenient to store fresh ingredients and unused raw materials. The refrigerating room is mainly for keeping fresh, while the freezing area is used for quick-frozen food, which can be stored for a long time, but if you often store something with relatively large moisture, you need to defrost and deicing regularly.Bubble tea bar milk tea bar counter.

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