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C120 Energy-saving Desiccant Inserting Machine

C120 Energy-saving Desiccant Inserting Machine

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Applicable bottle type

Round, oblate, square, flat square bottle

Desiccant bag

disc-shaped desiccant bag, the specific size is determined by the bottle size

Production capacity

50~120 bottles/min

Air source







  • Strong compatibility, suitable for round, oblate, square and oblate square bottles of various specifications and materials.
  • Color-coded and colorless disc-shaped desiccant bags;
  • Adopting pre-release desiccant belt design to avoid uneven bag transfer and ensure the accuracy of bag length control.
  • The desiccant bag thickness self-adaptive design is adopted for bag placement to avoid the occurrence of bag breakage during the conveying process.
  • High durable blade, accurate and reliable cutting, and will not cut the desiccant bag;
  • It has multiple monitoring and alarm control functions such as no bottle not working, fault self-checking, desiccant bag not entering the bottle, etc., to ensure the continuity of equipment operation and the accuracy of desiccant bag insertion;
  • Automatic operation, intelligent joint control with upper and lower processes, good coordination, no need for special operation, saving labor;
  • Chinese or Chinese-English control panel, can store ten groups of parameters, adjust, and use it is very convenient.
  • The control chip is imported from the United States, and the photoelectric sensor element is produced in Taiwan, which is stable and durable.
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