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CP-11 Capsule Polisher

CP-11 Capsule Polisher

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The CP-11 Capsule Polisher is suitable for capsule polishing, capsule rejecting, such as get rid of separated or broken capsules. All types of capsules are applicable to the machine, without changing of the mould.

The machine is the most ideal equipment for capsules.
The machine is a special model for viscous medicine powder.

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– The capsules are polished between the screen bucket and hair brush. the hair brush has an advanced screw type structure, it is connected with the main shaft with quick clamp. It is convenient for disassembly, assembly and cleaning.
– After being polished, the capsules automatically enter the system, where after being sieved by airflow, the empty capsules are blown into the other container, and the acceptable capsules are entering the finished product bucket. The whole process avoids the contact of human beings with the medicine powder, which ensures the quality of medicine.
– The hair brush is very soft, no scratch to the surface of capsule; meanwhile, the hair brush will not generate electrostatic charges.
– The whole machine was made of 304 stainless steel, no pollution, and it meets the GMP standard.
– The whole unit is connected by hook-and-loop fasteners, it takes only 1 minute to assemble and disassemble the unit without any tool.
– The dust collection part is at the bottom, for collecting the medicine powder.
– The unit can be adjusted at high and low directions, and the rotation at right and left directions can also be adjusted.
– There is two safety switches on the machine, to ensure usage safety.
– The rotational speed of the motor is controlled by frequency converter.


Technical Parameters

Model CP-11
Capacity 150000 capsules/hour
Power 180W
Power supply 220V/50HZ 1 phase or customized
Air supply 0.25 m3/min, 0.3 MPa
Weight 40 kg
Overall size 800x550x1000 mm
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