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DY-8 Color Ribbon Hot Date Printing Machine

DY-8 Color Ribbon Hot Date Printing Machine

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date coding machine


The device is particularly suitable for food, medicine and other industries - the use of hot printing with ink pollution, to ensure clean hands and machinery!

1. Print clear - the use of thermal printing with, without drying

2. Any packaging materials suit-PT PE OPP shrinking standard aluminum foil paper

3. Easy to change words - use a special word structure, movable type loading and unloading is particularly convenient

4. Easy to use - reasonable design, precision machining, high-quality quality, easy maintenance

·  Adopt color ribbon, has the features of clear printing, easy dry, non sticky, not easy to wipe off.

·  Can print codes on thin paper cardboard, paper sheet, leather, plastic film, aluminum foil, especially fit for coding on paper box of shoes, clothing.

·   Adopt constant temperature controlling and adjustable temperature, printed suitable for color ribbon made out of different kinds of materials.

·  DY-8 is manual; it’s very simple and easy for use.

It is especially suitable for food, medical and health industries, etc. - adopt hot printing belt to eliminate ink pollution, to ensure sanitation and cleanliness of hands and machines



Printer can print 1-3 lines, suitable for all kinds of aluminum foil, plastic film bag, widely use.

Turn on the machine, adjustment temperature time and then preheat 10-15 minutes will better.

Applicable material is KT, PT, PE ,BOPP, heat shrinkable label, aluminum foil ,plastic film bag

Note: be sure to print code before the product packaged

110V/220V, 50/60HZ
Printing Speed
Max 120times/min
Printing Lines
One Line Letter Size: 3*5mm Max 11 characters
Two Line Letter Size: 3*5mm Max 11 characters
Third Line Letter Size: 3*5mm Max 11 characters
Color Ribbon Width
25 30 35mm
Machine size(mm)

date coding machine

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