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Four-door Stainless Steel Dual Temperature Function Refrigerator

Four-door Stainless Steel Dual Temperature Function Refrigerator

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Four-door commercial freezer  refrigerated dual temperature function refrigerator

Instructions for use

1.Four-door commercial freezer, commercial freezer, refrigerated freezer dual temperature function, three options, commercial freezer refrigeration, commercial refrigerator,When the four-door refrigerator is used for the first time, pay attention to idling for 1-2 hours, turn it off after stable operation, and turn it on after adding food.Four-door commercial freezer.

2.Four-door commercial freezer,The four-door refrigerator adopts a fully automatic digital display and numerical control microcomputer thermometer. In order to prevent frequent calls and power failures (or frequent switching on and off) to protect the compressor, the compressor will start with a delay of two minutes after all refrigeration equipment is turned on (although there is a delay protection, but also Do not switch on and off frequently)Four-door commercial freezer.

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