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Large Rotary Evaporator

Large Rotary Evaporator

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Model RE-10 RE-20 RE-30 RE-50
Spin bottle capacity(L) 10 20 30 50
Spin bottle Flange ø95/125 Flange ø125 Flange ø125 Flange ø125
Collection bottle(L) 5 10 20 20
Host speed(r/min) 10-120 10-120 10-90 10-90
Condensing area(m²) 0.57 1 1.3 1.5
Evaporation rate H₂O>3L/h H₂O>5L/h H₂O>7L/h H₂O>9L/h
Bath pot power(kw) 3 3 3 3
Use ambient temperature(℃) 5-35 5-35 5-35 5-35
Ambient relative humidity ≤65% ≤65% ≤65% ≤65%

Rotary(Vacuum) Evaporator

Principle: different boiling points/rotation at a suitable speed and constant speed to increase the evaporation area;

Application: Continuous distillation of volatile solvents under reduced pressure.
Application areas: solvent extraction or separation in chemistry, chemical industry, biomedicine and other fields
Application cases: 1. Solvent recovery: commonly used to recover washing solvents, such as ethanol,
Acetone, carbon tetrachloride, etc.
2. Vacuum drying of wet solids: commonly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries to remove moisture or organic solvents from wet powders such as syrups, sugars, jams and dehydrated vegetables.
3. Solution concentration: concentrated electroplating waste liquid (gold, silver, copper, nickel, etc.); emulsified cutting fluid waste water; sludge concentration and dehydration;
Grinding waste liquid; paint waste liquid; hydrofluoric acid treatment waste water; ammonium sulfate waste liquid and other kinds of salt waste liquid.
4. Extraction of essential oils: Put plants (such as roots, stems or leaves) into a rotary bottle, add 5~10 times of solvents such as water, ethanol, methanol, acetone (according to specific technical requirements), under normal pressure/negative pressure Heating at a constant temperature while distilling while rotating, and repeating multiple times through condensation and reflux to obtain the target solvent.

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