Manual Screen Printing Machine


Manual Screen Printing Machine

  • $3,699.00

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Manual Screen Printing Machine

This manual screen printing machine is suitable for the T-shirt, fabrics, woolen sweater umbrellas, leather, glass, a large quantity of non-woven contraction deformation of product color printing, overprint high accuracy and convenient, can use thermosetting ink, water slurry, mortar, and other materials. Cooperate with far infrared dryer is used, and can improve the work efficiency of printing machine. With a small space. Save labor, overprint accurate, etc. Screen frame can be adjusted up and down, left and right before and after fine- tuning, overprint when registration is accurate, convenient.


1.This machine use aluminum alloy panels, increase the load-bearing strength of items.

2.Screen can be fine-tuned front and back , accurate and convenient alignment during overprinting.

3.This manual screen printing machine screen can be fine-tuned left and right , accurate and convenient alignment during overprinting.