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Skin Vacuum Packaging Machine SP-1100

Skin Vacuum Packaging Machine SP-1100

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Skin Vacuum Packaging Machine

Product Application
Skin Packaging machine is to be placed on the printed board, the transparent membrane attached vacuum pumping after heating, the product is fixed to the transparent membrane attached on the cardboard, (heating, vacuum pumping is done automatically).

It is mainly used in hardware, all types of locks, tools, stationery, tableware, toys, auto parts and all kinds of commodities such as packaging. Skin packaged goods to moisture corrosion, transparent appearance, the machine can also be processed plastic enclosures.

The machine can also be used in the coating of the adhesive paper card after skin packaging. 

Main Features
1. Special tubular heaters alignment for average heat distribution.

2. Fixed heater, instantly heating system, save energy.

3. Feed material way: front-in, right-out.

4. Small size to save space, can be worked with assembly line, enhancing efficiency.

5. The surface is deal with the parched lacquer.

6. High quality fittings, dependable quality.

7. Special dimension can be tailor-made 

Machine Parts
1.High quality heating pipe.
2.Instantly heat with strong power.
3.Ensure the film to be heated evenly.

Film fram
Left feed-in and right feed-out model.Easy operation,low noise and no environment harmful smell produced

220V 380V/ 50~60Hz
Packaging Size(mm)
Vacuum Pump Power
3-4times /min
Machine Power

Skin Vacuum Packaging Machine

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