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Stacker,118" High Fully Powered with 4400lbs Cap

Stacker,118" High Fully Powered with 4400lbs Cap

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Electric Straddle Stacker Description:

1. Electric Straddle Stacker have anti-dropping guide rail
2. Electric Straddle Stacker have thick plate chain
3. Electric Straddle Stacker have anti-leakage cylinder
4. Electric Straddle Stacker have large capacity maintenance-free battery
5. Fully electric lifting, saving trouble and effort
6. The elevation is electro-hydraulic, while walking is driven by a motor
It is strictly forbidden to overload/partially load/and the goods cannot exceed the front section of the fork
4400lbs/liter 118", the cargo does not exceed the front section of the fork, it is recommended that the fork lift does not exceed 1543lbs

Cargo can be loaded in the following steps:
1.Move the forklift forward of the weight.
2.Raise the fork to an appropriate height below the bottom of the
3.Move the forklift forward so that the fork reaches below the
4.Lift the fork until the weight is loaded.
5.The forklift truck moves back together with the weight until
the fork may drop.
6.Slowly lower the weight.
Heavy objects can be stacked in the following steps:
1.Move the forklift truck with heavy load to the front of the shelf.
2.Lift the weight to the appropriate position.
3.Forklift forward to the appropriate position;
4.Slowly reduce the weight, so that the lower bottom of the heavy
pallet is sitting on the shelf;
5.Slowly move the Electric Straddle Stacker and its fork out of the stack.

Model  CTD20
Rated load 4400lbs(2000kg)
Lifiting height 118"
Fork length 42"(1070mm)
Load center 22"(550mm)
Outer width of single fork 6.5"(165mm)
Maximum speed without load 4.0km/h
Maximum speed at full load  3.5km/h
Minimum turning radius 41"(1050mm)


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