Vertical Display Freezer Glass Door


Vertical Display Freezer Glass Door

  • $2,500.00

Rose Gold

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Vertical Beverage Beer Vegetable Display Freezer Glass Door Refrigerator Double Door Three Door Style Choice

Drink Cabinet Instructions

 Vertical Beverage Beer Vegetable Display Freezer, commonly known as beverage display cabinets, also called beverage refrigerators, beverage freezers, and beverage refrigerated display case, are used in shopping malls or convenience stores to refrigerate and display beverages. The composition of beverage cabinets is composed of refrigeration systems, lighting systems and boxes. The system consists of compressor\condenser\evaporator\expansion valve or capillary copper tube. The material of the box is color steel sheet and painted sheet, and the material in the middle of the sheet is made of polyurethane foam.vertical beverage beer vegetable display freezer