Collection: Tablet Press Machine

The Single Punch Tablet Machine Presses Various Granular Raw Materials Into Round Tablets, Which Is Suitable For Laboratory Trial Production Or Small Batch Production Of Various Tablets, Sugar Tablets, Calcium Tablets, Special-shaped Tablets, Etc. It Is A Small Desktop Electric (manual) Continuous Tableting Machine. A Pair Of Punching Dies Is Installed On The Machine. The Filling Depth Of The Material And The Thickness Of The Tableting Can Be Adjusted. Various Shapes Of Molds Can Be Provided According To Customer Requirements.
Single Punch Tablet Machine Is Suitable For Compressing Chewable Tablets, Traditional Chinese Medicine Tablets, Effervescent Tablets, Button Batteries, Western Medicine Tablets, Electronic Components, Calcium Tablets, Fertilizer Tablets, Buccal Tablets, Mothballs (sanitary Balls), Spirulina Tablets, Milk Tablets , Candy Tablets, Disinfection Tablets, Aromatic Tablets, Flavor Blocks, Catalysts, Pesticide Tablets, Metallurgical Powder Ceramic Particles, Etc.
This Function Can Press Powder And Granular Raw Materials Into Tablets, And The Products Are Widely Used In Pharmaceutical Factories, Chemical Factories, Hospitals, Scientific Research Units, Laboratory Trial Production And Small Batch Production. Excellent Performance, Strong Adaptability, Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain, Small Size, Light Weight, This Machine Is Only Equipped With One Pair Of Punching Dies, The Filling Depth Of The Material And The Thickness Of The Tablet Can Be Adjusted, Which Can Be Adapted To The Pharmaceutical Industry To Suppress Various Chinese And Western Medicine Preparations Requirements And Other Industries To Suppress The Requirements Of Various Similar Products, Welcomed By The Majority Of Users In Various Industries